The Planets Series

The Planets in our Solar System

The planets series of paintings involved a seven-year period duration, from 1986 to 1993.  There are thirteen paintings in the series, they are A1 sized and painted in watercolour and crayon.  They were done in the following order: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Earth, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto, Chiron and Vulcan. As with all my work, I meditate on a subject and see an image, and that is a starting point that I can elaborate on, and I also link to astrology.

More information on this series can be found in my Planets Book, which is listed on the Purple Spirit Press page.

Wherein, the heart of all realms and times
Comes into one's mind's eye view,
The sea of vistas vastness
Pulls its tide of enchanting energy.
Thinking, loving, living,
All become a God oriented aspire,
One depth, pure purity,
That even a steeple's height
Or ocean's depth cannot reach.
Out of mortal man's normality,
An abnormal, supernormal array,
Bedecked and inwardly furnished
With a golden cloth.
God's humble human, seeing inwards,
Sees a replica of God's altar within his very soul.

Wherein, the Heart of all Realms & Times


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All images will be at maximum quality at A4 size.

All paintings on this page are £10

1.apollos realm v2

Apollo’s Realm (Sun)

There was no dramatic start to the series.  I just decided that I wished to paint the energies of the sun because I felt the unity between the symbol of the atom (three ovoid intersecting rings) and the sun, the link between the microcosm and the macrocosm.  So the series came into being.

2.lunas realm

Luna’s Realm (Moon)

A little while later I decided to paint the moon, and there are hints of the sun’s reflection within the picture. realm

Hermes’ Realm (Mercury)

followed on in style from Apollo’s Realm by sharing some of the sun’s energies and is active looking, like any mercurial figure.

4.aphrodites realm

Aphrodite’s Realm (Venus)

came next, and it was a lovely painting to portray as it lent itself to a very gentle, beautiful and peaceful image, with the Venusian astrological sign being very apparent.

6.ares realm

Ares’ Realm (Mars)

shows powerful energy, but in the centre is a golden light, to show that there is freedom by not linking with the Martian aggression, but taking it to a higher level as a spiritual power.

5.gaias realm

Gaia’s Realm (Earth)

is portrayed as an evolving upward spiral.  There are several versions of the earth depicted, showing a change over time from a habitat of conflicts to eventually becoming one of harmony.

7.joves realm

Jove’s Realm (Jupiter)

As it is the planet that inspires expansion of ideas, etc., I decided on showing a covering being pulled apart to reveal a powerful energy that echoes that energy of the sun, for the planet is known of as a potential sun.

8.realm of kronos

Realm of Kronos (Saturn)

‘Father Time’, a planet of tests and also opportunities, hence a circle that encloses, but the energy in the centre suggests understanding reasons for tests in order to free the constraints.

10.poseidons realm

Poseidon’s Realm (Neptune)

I felt that linking with the cells of ourselves, our world and to planets, this image suggests all this, with peace at the heart will bring unity to the individual.

9.realm of ouranos

Realm of Ouranos (Uranus)

A planet of unexpected surprises!  It speaks of the unconventional, of sudden changes in our lives, governed by magical or universal forces.

12.plutos realm

Pluto’s Realm (Pluto)

Hints of secret workings through those atomic style rings, the planet helps to transform life for the better.

11.chirons realm

Chiron’s Realm (Chiron)

The ‘wounded healer’.  I have shown impressions of all the other planets as if to suggest bringing together all things in unity, having been through all of life’s experiences.

13.vulcans realm

Vulcan’s Realm (Vulcan)

This planet links to healing and the source of all life, and the void, going beyond the world of phenomena and what we know, reaching to the unknown, the great mystery and the cosmos, and therefore the image radiates peace.

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