The Long Meg & Her Daughters


The book holds the information I received from these stones, both visual images, and written information that will be given in the following pages.

As I linked to the stones, individual names for them and their respective energies came to me to be recorded.

This circle is definitely a seership type of circle, and the names of many of the stones are Seer, Prophecy, Witch and Wizard, and so on. At the Witches Stone I first got the phrase ‘owl women chanting’, so, on further looking I found, going ages back, they originally were a group who tuned in at this circle, offering seership and healing wisdom to others.

As the entrance to the circle is nearer the west, it seems very appropriate, since the west side of the sacred wheel or circle of life, is one of introspection and insights, and the owl spirit animal shares these qualities, so it’s extremely appropriate to have owl women at this site.

Perhaps there are some owl women out there who would like to continue where the others left off!
As you look at the images, hold an image of choice in the book in front of you, so it is hovering near your third eye. Just close your eyes and meditate on the stone and its energies, and hopefully you’ll receive information as a result.

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