The Gift Of a Spiritual Artist

When an artist dedicates his or her artistic life to depicting the realms of spirit, all manner of unexpected and bright vistas come through.

Many beings from faraway heights venture downwards to send the artist inspiration from spiritual levels, and many folk from the spirit world, divine beings, and ones from other worlds bring shapes and symbols and information not familiar to the physical eye of many.

Many strange and wonderful energies exist out of mortal view, speedy vortices, others delicate and intricate, some smooth and soothing, others like visual music, Indian carpets or living Celtic designs, they are many and various and all have much healing properties.

Once an artist reaches such understanding, he or she ceases to think of art as the painting of pretty pictures or any other superficial ideas, it has become a soul searching, universal searching into realms of discovery within the portals of God’s creation.

It is the wish of the spiritual artist to echo such energies as seen in meditation or visions, and manifest them onto the physical world so that they can bring healing and harmony into the midst of people, thereby bringing a quickening to their understanding.

For on the physical level energies do not seem a reality, for all is slow and little vibrancy is apparent, but on other levels everything sparkles and vibrates like bright sunlight dappling on water, like many gyroscopes in motion, and like fluid patterns changing and transforming in the manner of a kaleidoscope.

All is motion; all sings and dances.  To quicken the physical is to allow people to realize that the universe dances and that the universe is here with us, all around us and within us, the Song Celestial.

The more we are aware of this, the more healing can take place.  We can all be young at heart, for in spiritual realms all is ageless and full of vibrant energy.

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