The Atlantean KI Cards

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General Information

Symbols and ideogrammes have been used since time immemorial, have a universal language, and work on both intellectual and intuitive levels.

They are excellent for overriding difficulties in one’s life, as a catalyst to feed positivity, and removing what you wish to discard. They work on all levels, from emotional to soul and spiritual levels, so they aren’t limited to one area, but may resonate at one level, simply because that is the area needing some healing.

There are symbolic ideogrammes or codes that can work on those new to spirituality, up to those well along the path. It may depend, just how much can be intuitively perceived by the images and how open to healing you can be.

Our predominantly intellectual society may make these codes more challenging to use, as in ancient times people would accept and identify with them easier. However the time is coming, that such healing tools will come ‘into their own’ again, and hopefully become a valuable asset in any healing establishment.

The Atlantean Ki Cards are a valuable tool brought via The Seeds of Amaranth trilogy, and were channelled by Merlin, and I got the impression they had been used in Atlantean culture when he was a high priest there. He may also be overseeing the whole trilogy. I gradually worked through each of the sets myself, finding they aid soul clearing greatly. I have found them valuable as they work on each chakra, stimulate and evoke change, and work on each chakra, stimulate and evoke change, and so inner clearing work can occur more easily.

atlantean chakra ki cards-group 1 & handbook

About the Atlantean Ki Cards

These codes were given to me in the form of ten coded image sets. Each code is subdivided into seven, and each of the seven represents one of the main chakras in the body. In turn, each of the seven has left and right brained images; and so there are fourteen images per set. They are divided into left and right-brained chakra images in order to concentrate on the nature of those aspects, so that the gifts they offer can be accessed to advantage. In all, the card total is 140.

How They Came to Me

The Atlantean Ki Cards were first mentioned in ‘the Seeds of Amaranth’, book two and written about as coming to Alyssia from extra-terrestrial sources. At that point in the story I hadn’t mentioned what the cards looked like. I pondered on what I should mention about them and what their symbolism looked like, as well as their function. I then went into meditation and saw Merlin approaching me from within a cave, and I was invited inside and accepted into his ‘timeless wisdom school.’ He gave me a book to hold that was a huge thick tome of about six inches in depth! I could feel the energy coming from it and knew I’d access its information as and when appropriate. I asked what kind of book it was and he said it was an ancient Atlantean book of healing, inspiration and goodwill. It was written in ideograms, not words. It could help people at all stages of spiritual development. Shortly after that Merlin directed me in drawing the symbolic images of the Atlantean codes and symbols handbook, now called the Atlantean Ki Cards.

atlantean chakra ki cards in bag

Some ways to use these symbols

The initial method of using them is to take out the relevant cards you wish to use, prepare your space as if for meditation; light a candle if you wish. Also take a notepad and pen as I find it useful to record each stage of the session as I go, for it is never remembered as it was, further down the line.

The intention is to hold each image up to your third eye for about a minute, for this chakra takes on the vibrations of the image, and as it is the master gland, it can then relay those vibrations and energies around the body. Seeing the images in your mind’s eye increases the potency of its effect within you.

During my experimentation with the cards, I found that I developed the following method at different levels from the third eye. At the physical and etheric level I held the card an inch or two in front of the third eye. At the emotional level I held the card about a foot away from the third eye, but as individuals vary in auric size, it is a matter of adjustment to suit! At the mental level I held my arm outstretched, and at the spiritual level that encompasses the levels beyond the mental, i.e. the causal and atmic etc., I would place the card propped up on a book about a foot beyond the mental level.

The four levels bring out a variety of responses and reactions, and can ensure that you know which part of your auric field requires assistance. I recorded the cards in the following way, crown-right-brained image-level 1, and then the same at level 2, level 3 and then level 4, recording each sub-section as I went, and then did the same with the left-brained image. It is not too complicated!

I would usually suggest at least twice for working through the entire set of cards of your choice, for then you can see the progress involved. If by the end of the second round of working through the set, you find that all is peaceful, so then another round is not necessary, and you can move to the next set.

The cards can also be placed on the body, while visualising the image in your mind at work on your system. I have found that the right-brained images work best on the third eye, whilst the corresponding left-brained images can be placed on the relevant chakras of choice. They could also be placed on artwork etc., you are making, and intuitive responses may emanate from it so that the symbolism becomes a catalyst to help produce art, writing etc.

Other ways are to paint the images yourself, by drawing the essential symbol shapes on paper, and then fill them in, and see how you depict. Only work very intuitively and spontaneously via drawing or painting, and therefore the soul essence comes through, showing what is going on inside you more effectively. Any other techniques or tools can be supplemented, such as the use of music, crystals, aromatherapy oils in a burner, and colour e.g. in the form of materials can enrich the experience.

The seven rays may also be a factor involved in the relevance of which codes people prefer, though not easily apparent, but to be aware of this. Colour choice help to perceive this, but again, it is not apparent, and depends on the reasons why an individual would choose a colour. Perhaps the images you make can be included within other imagery of choice to see the interaction that this can produce, such as an image of a place or people who need healing. Find new and meaningful ways for these cards to work for you. Best cosmic wishes!


Set 1 – Begins the journey of this set of cards, to prepare the individual to these cards as a whole.

Set 2 – Starts the process in linking to one’s soul level, the light of the universe and the Divine consciousness.

Set 3 – Links the energies within all the chakras together, to strengthen the spirit bodies, etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

Set 4 – Strengthens that unity of the bodies and brings unity to them as a whole.

Set 5 – Draws in the energy of the solar system to strengthen and bring more perception in.

Set 6 – Consolidates this wisdom from set 5, and brings that into our lives.

Set 7 – This set is about manifestation, though set 6 has that; this set is for manifesting whatever comes next, and all the sets as a whole entity.

Set 8 – Get ready to see beyond physical limitation and know what lies beyond it via the magician’s insights.

Set 9 – Where the centre of the universe lies, and much information that lies within this universe.

Set 10 – See the unity of it all and the underlying purpose of everything.

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