Sacred Sites & Places of Power Book 2


This second book is a continuation of my exploration of ancient sites. It has played an important part of my life at a time when I had some inner journeying to do. It mainly started after I had a brief brush with breast cancer, but the experience was enough to make me want to link with the earth more deeply, to find deeper healing within myself and our links with the land.

The format of the book is that I have painted 82 coloured images, clairvoyantly portrayed as I did in my first book ‘Sacred Sites and Places of Power.’ These images show the energies of the earth as they come up through the aura of those sites, and their guardians.

This is a combination of my direct experiences at the sites combined with the story, which I do believe is a fragment of time where these people were real, and I have found this information from the local Akashic records and brought them to life again. Indeed, Meg of Meldon is recorded in our local reference library as having existed.

The tale is of a young apprentice to a village wise woman, and she gets to visit all these sites in her apprenticeship, and relates her communications with the devas and beings at each site. The journey is seen through her eyes and she shares the story of her development. I have also included a number of black and white images too.

All the images and energies are as I saw and experienced them, as with most of the beings and their names, and also the words they expressed are taken from my notebooks.

The ley lines as given were discovered by Anthony Thorley in the 1980’s who used to live in the area, and so I wish to give acknowledgment to him and various group activities locally, for giving me initial inspiration to explore the lines and record my own experiences.

Please Note:

All images will be at maximum quality at A4 size.

Over my head a canopy of green
Overlapping layers of oval flat shapes
Create a dappled light.
A dome of restful tones,
A cathedral ceiling of veiny tracery
Sweeping in parabolic motion,
A caelestial ocean of green.
A song of lively sun-filled life -
Of energy surging, upward stretching,
As breezy ripples move the greenery,
Revealing beaming bursts of dazzling light.
A rising torrent, a crescendoed chorus,
A light-toned symphony from a sylvan realm.

A Hymn of Green Light


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