Sacred Sites & Places of Power Book 1

A Meditation Handbook On Sacred Sites

Heather’s foreword for the images

I present here in this book a collection of some of the sacred sites and places I have experienced and sensed both in Britain and America.

The general format of the book gives a brief description of my experiences at each site, and then a suggested meditation to offer a guide to sensing the energies I felt and saw at each site; maybe you the reader may encounter your own experiences!  Alongside the description and meditation, I have inserted some of my poetry here and there where the topic of it is complementary to the sites presented.

Also included is a general history of each site, which complements the intuitive information and inspiration with that which is factual, and they complement each other, and in delving into the history and archaeology, it has deepened my understanding of these sites a great deal.

My work is generally based on meditations and dreams, and it is my personal method of exploration into the nature of other realms through sensing and portraying the visual forms and qualities of energies in various places, and states of being.  When I go to a site, I can see and feel the energy present like a shining energy coming through me, and I can also experience the energy of the site from a photograph.  My paintings are created using watercolour as that medium suggests the ethereal realms most appropriately.

My interest and concern is that the paintings are of a healing and inspiring nature, for I have always been just as interested in healing as I have in art.  I have considered taking up various forms of healing at various times.  However, I know that my appropriate place is with creativity and seeing the focusing of harmony and healing through them as an offering to others to whom it is my greatest pleasure to be of service.

I wish to say that here and there one hears differing reports on the ancients being either very spiritual, and yet others talking of the sacrifices made, including the well-known Celtic wicker-men.  I have focused on the spiritual as perhaps, like many societies at all times, there are spiritually minded people, and there are those who are materialistic and lacking in kindness.

Therefore their customs, encompassing a variety of possibilities that were markedly different from one another, would lead to the conflictions in trying to understand a given race, at any given time in history.

Like at any time in the past, secret societies held sacred practice in high esteem and have guarded this even with their lives, and therefore much less known about by subsequent societies, but certainly, as we look to ley lines and all other ramifications, we are learning that the ancients had some knowledge which we are beginning to regain, and it is worth our while investigating intuitively and every other way conducive to bringing light on any subject that will enlighten our understanding of ourselves, our environment and our universe.

I wish to add, for newcomers to meditation techniques that it is very important to be comfortable during the meditation, and at the end to bring oneself firmly back into the body and ground oneself by closing down the centres in one’s body by imagining each centre being closed by yourself and protected by a cross within a circle of light.  Also imagine your feet earthed, firmly rooted to the ground, massage them if you wish.

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From within the deepest glade
There within the sunset laid,
Lies a fortune for the pure and kind,
Knowledge of the inner mind.

Hidden from the mortal view,
Screened until the mind anew -
Sees the stones for their truth,
The power of God's inner ruth.

Mortals will have to seek
With humble mien, look
Within and feel the spirits there,
With love and grace they wish to share.



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