Purple Spirit Press

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My mother and I set up Purple Spirit Press in 2009, as we wished to get some ISBN numbers to begin making our own books.  Mum had done channelling for years, and my art work and poetry was needing to be put into books, so we decided to go ahead with it.

Once a number of booklets had been designed and made, in time, I began to self-publish my books on Amazon, and so, I completed mum’s main books.

We chose Purple Spirit Press as a name, since I’m always wearing purple, but the important fact was that Merlin was channelled by mum quite often, and his Merlin energy, and the unicorn energy, we felt was part of our lives, and went into the logo.

Included in this page are the Amazon books for myself, Heather

The Amazon books for Beryl Charnley (my late mother)

Books by myself that I would have to post out to people