Scottish Oracle Cards

Scottish Oracle Cards


ISBN-13 – 978-1907042348

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This is the third in the Sacred Sites and Places of Power series. Over the years I have been inspired to travel all over the country, and the first book took me far and wide, including America, and the book covered many places over Britain and America. The second book was locally based in Northumberland, and so it was a book that I felt inspired to go into one region more in depth. As there was little history available, I used my intuition to create a story, which simply came through me, and I strongly felt it was relative to some past events involving local wise women.

In this third one of the series, having used my intuition within the second book, I took it further to create the oracle cards set, based on five stone circles I visited, three of them in 2005 when I visited Kathleen Murray near Aberdeen, and the other circles later.


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