Atlantean Chakra Ki Cards

Atlantean Chakra Ki Cards


ISBN-13 – 978-1907042331

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Symbols and ideogrammes have been used since time immemorial, have a universal language, and work on both intellectual and intuitive levels.

They are excellent for overriding difficulties in one’s life, as a catalyst to feed positivity, and removing what you wish to discard. They work on all levels, from emotional to soul and spiritual levels, so they aren’t limited to one area, but may resonate at one level, simply because that is the area needing some healing.

There are symbolic ideogrammes or codes that can work on those new to spirituality, up to those well along the path. It may depend, just how much can be intuitively perceived by the images and how open to healing you can be.

Our predominantly intellectual society may make these codes more challenging to use, as in ancient times people would accept and identify with them easier. However the time is coming, that such healing tools will come ‘into their own’ again, and hopefully become a valuable asset in any healing establishment.

The Atlantean Ki Cards are a valuable tool brought via The Seeds of Amaranth trilogy, and were channelled by Merlin, and I got the impression they had been used in Atlantean culture when he was a high priest there. He may also be overseeing the whole trilogy. I gradually worked through each of the sets myself, finding they aid soul clearing greatly. I have found them valuable as they work on each chakra, stimulate and evoke change, and work on each chakra, stimulate and evoke change, and so inner clearing work can occur more easily.


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