Paintings In Rose Windows, Goddesses & Other Realms

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Rose Window 1 & 2

Both of the Rose Window images were inspired by the thought of using the church rose window concept, and incorporating images of roses within it.  I based the patterned structure behind the roses on a rose window architecture book, and ‘Order in Space’ by Keith Critchlow of shapes like tetrahedrons, and dodecahedrons etc. ‘Like a kaleidoscope the images form a pattern, those in the centre suggest depth and infinity, like the centrifugal force that guides us.’

‘Be true to your spirit and let its purity flourish,

Like the beauty of the rose, to bring inspiration to the world.’

The Plough With Smoke & Cloud Wisps

I went out to sketch the moon one night in Hawkshead churchyard, and then wandered over to another part of the village and noticed the plough, and so I stopped to sketch that, and some words to go with the image are: - ‘In the night sky hung the seven stars, as they have done since ages past.  Chimney smoke and evening clouds became interlaced with the stars and hinted of the interconnectedness of all life.’

Realms Of Spiritual Heritage

"A tree of life; this coat of many colours sheds its riches into the realms below, inspiring religions, spiritual perception and all manner of faiths and philosophies". The painting took about six months to paint, the longest by far, because I had to keep stopping to work out the next stage in the image. As it was a complex image I did other paintings alongside it. The painting echoes the richness of diversity of the multi-faith approach, and was inspired by looking at Salisbury Cathedral one night, when floodlit and a shadow of the spire was projected upon the clouds overhead, and this set off inspired thoughts towards forming the painting.

Spiral Rose Window

This image is of a mural I did about 20 years ago, and can be seen in Barrow in Furness hospital, in their A & E department. It follows on from the Rose Window 1 & 2, and just came about naturally without much thought. The main thinking was how to portray it on the wall of the waiting room.

Goddess Images 1-5

These were done one winter time when I had a lull period of anything else happening, which allowed some meditative time, and these images of aspects of the overall goddess energy were born.

abundance of the goddess

Abundance Of The Goddess


depicts her abundance of life, and her tending and caring for our planet as a whole.

the goddess's cauldron 1

Goddess’s Cauldron


relates to energy working for the planet concentrating on the earth level.

goddess of the stars.psd

Goddess Of The Stars


is at the goddessly level, not just godly (!) in the heavens.

visitation of the goddess shakti 2-heather charnley

Visitation Of The Goddess Shakti


is the sense of mystery with just the moon showing, where there is no human form given.

goddess links heaven & earth

Goddess Links Heaven & Earth


shows her linking heaven and earth together as she works caringly.


This image was inspired by seeing mountain streams cascading through rocks where I used to walk in the fells around Wetherlam. I wanted to portray the free and freshly energised quality that the water portrayed to me.


An image portraying eagle animal spirit in flight, taking you to the upper worlds.


Depicting two kindly unicorns who happened to pass by me one time, and gave me some healing energy.


An image portraying owl animal spirit and the nature of lunar or night time ‘seeing’ that the owl specialises in.


The great mystery opens out within the Raven’s vision, and the ‘cauldron’ of possibilities that comes from the void, offers the treasures you are destined to receive, and wish for, to come to you.


An image of fair weather over a favourite fell which is part of the Coniston Range of fells, and I used to frequent a great deal at one time. The image is a reminder of that time, and is a good fell to go up. Once up part of the way, there is an area with a stream that runs along its length, and is a nice area to potter around if you don’t feel like getting to the top.


A pastel image of a person meditating on possibilities and journeying with eagle spirit guide. Nearby, a human Native American Indian guide watches carefully.


This image shows a group of Pagan folks meditating on what they want to visualise collectively. Perhaps it's for inner vision, perhaps self-healing or for others they know?


The play of light and energy from the Sun to Mercury and back again, like an energetic dialogue, or a cosmic interplay of grand proportions.


Unknown to us at ground level, vast forms of energy course across light years, linking unknown planets, stars and nebulae together in a cosmic dance!


This image shows the linking of the human heart to the universal heart, where sun and moon, and all opposites and the nature of human existence meld together and become transmuted and filled with peace.

Bathe in the freshness
Where heaven and earth meet.
Where the energies of stars
Mingle with the terrestrial realm.
Consider linking to All That Is,
The inner light within
And the outer realms without,
Innumerable beings extant
And all manner of habitats
Join in unity at some level,
Which can be seen,
Making the unseen visible,
And the link from the heart
To the heart of the universe
Becomes truly connected.
Link to that
And the charm and power of the darker realms
Hold no sway,
Because you are truly linked to All That Is,
And heaven and earth are one.

Heaven and Earth are One

(spring 2007)

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