Nature Spirit

These images were inspired by my local favourite trees and places within walking distance from my home at the time in Northumberland.

They are a combination of photography of the blossoms on trees, and various wild flowers in this area, combined with drawings of the elemental spirits I was aware of that inhabited those areas, and the trees and flowers concerned.

I would feel a heightening of energy with a sparkling radiance as I sketched these figures.  I then combined them with the photographs taken, and these images convey the images of the spirits there quite well, as it helps others who can’t see them, to visualise them more effectively.

I feel they are oasis-like images that re-create that feeling of calm joy that I would feel when going about doing these images, and wish to convey that to those who may be interested.  I hope that others are happily affected by the images as I was.


Blessed be,

Heather Charnley

Please Note:

All images will be at maximum quality at A4 size.

Deep in the heart of nature,
Deep in the heart of spring
The apple of the eye
In the heart of the mind
Brings a beautiful song of inner joy
To awaken our hearts once more.

To form a deep link with the land
Will surpass this barrenness
Through meditative capacity,
And come forth like the rising tide.
To overcome the static period
Of the inner source of pain, fear and trepidation,
To embrace that which always was and will be,
Because of the responsibility
Of being a guardian of a powerful force,
Which links one with the all,
The all-pervading meaning of why and how,
To be truly free and emancipated from doubt and sorrow.
May the inner links to our own strength
Be brought to bear once more,
And all cords of limitation be dissolved,
May our hearts be set free
To encompass deep peace and inner prosperity.
May the links to the heart be open,
And the sibylline nature set free once more.

Deep in the Heart

(spring 2004)

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