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Description of Art Work Philosophy

Heather’s work is generally based on meditations and dreams, and is her personal method of exploration into the nature of other realms through sensing and portraying the visual forms and energies in various places and states of being.

Her themes are based on nature in its various aspects, such as cloudscapes, inspiring mountains, movements of water, as well as sacred sites, stone circles and the planets of our solar system. She has also done paintings of many sacred sites and wells, homeopathic remedy images, and crystals.

Her interest and concern is that the paintings are of a healing and inspiring nature, for she has always been just as interested in healing as she has in art. She would like to think that she is focusing harmony and healing through the paintings as an offering of service and pleasure to others. When she goes to a sacred site she can see and feel the energy present like a shining presence coming through her, and she can also pick up this quality from a site through a photograph too.

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Heather Charnley


Visionary painting for her is part of a soul searching, universal searching into realms of discovery within the portals of God’s creation, echoing the energies seen in meditation or visions. For on the physical level energies do not seem a reality for all is slow and little vibrancy is apparent. However, on other levels everything sparkles and vibrates like bright sunlight on water, or transforming fluid patterns, for all is in motion, singing and dancing, and that the universe dances like the Song Celestial.

The Work She Does

The paintings range from A1-A4, and they are depicted mainly in watercolour and crayon, sometimes in acrylic, and come as greeting cards and posters too. In the past I have done murals, painted furniture, and painted ceramic brooches.

December 2006 saw the publishing of "Sacred Sites and Places of Power", a meditative book on ancient sites with clairvoyant images of 40 sites with meditations, and Neolithic history.

Book two of the Sacred Sites series was published in 2014, and is on the same theme with sites around Northumberland, called “Amaleina’s Journey”, and is a story of an apprentice to a wise woman who travels to all the ancient sites mentioned in the book.

Book three is the Scottish Oracle Cards set, where 5 stone circles in Scotland were selected for this set because they appear to represent the 5 elements, and there are cards for each of the stone. The idea is for you to arrange the cards around you so you energetically feel as if you are sitting inside the circle, and can meditate on the cards that draw you.

There is a possibility of book 4 will be set in Northumberland again, and book 5 in Wales.

She has completed a trilogy on Atlantis. It is an inspirational story called “The Seeds of Amaranth”. Book one is ‘Recovering the Caskets’, book two is “Re-activating the Codes’, and book three is called ‘Resuming the Eternal Legacy’.

Out of these books have been born the Atlantean Ki Cards for inner healing, which can be found in the oracle cards section. These are individual cards that you hold to the third eye, and let the healing energies of these Ki Cards work on you.


She studied furniture design at Newcastle Polytechnic and obtained a BA Hons degree in Industrial Design Furniture in 1975.

She has worked as a textile design assistant in London and as a potter for about five years around the country. She has done other work such as office and care work. She helped out at The Minerva Centre, Hexham for three years, who do various art based projects, for people with learning difficulties, and she taught them in the pottery studio she helped to set up.

She has done various computer courses, which has helped with her self-publishing books, booklets etc., including – desktop publishing, digital imaging, web design, Photoshop and Animation. Also she has done a few therapy courses, including aromatherapy, reflexology, basic counselling, a diploma in creative writing, hypnotherapy, intuitive art therapy, and courses in crystal healing, and also Munay Ki, another facet to enhance her creative as well as inner work. Over the years Heather has strongly connected healing with art.


Heather has exhibited with the Free Painters and Sculptors, London in 1980. Exhibited at Wetheriggs Pottery, Penrith in 1986.

She has shown work at the Lakeland Guild Galleries in Keswick and Coniston, with Gossipgate Garden and Gaslight Galleries in Carlisle and Alston, and the Theatre in the Forest all in 1987.

She has exhibited at the Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal, Coquetdale Gallery, Rothbury in 1988, and Lancaster Museum Gallery in 1991. Down in Bath she exhibited in Huckleberry’s Restaurant, various shops and galleries in Glastonbury in 1990-91.

Then, when she moved north again, and exhibited at the Forum 28, Barrow in Furness in 1994; Llangefni Library Gallery on Anglesey in 1995; the Complementary Health Centre at the Gill, Ulverston; and the nearby Manjushri Institute in 1998. She also did several murals for Furness General Hospital. In Scotland she exhibited at the Tolbooth Arts Centre, Kirkcudbright in 1999; and exhibited with the Artesian visionary arts group in Edinburgh in 2001, and also in spring 2003.

Heather was also with the Aurora Project, based near Morpeth and exhibited with them for a few years. To celebrate their new website launch in 2005, she exhibited with them at The Art Works in Newcastle; also in 2006 at the Arena in Newcastle, and at Cornucopia in Hexham. She joined the Morpeth art shop agency, Paintsaints’ website for a while, and also with ‘Made in Northumberland’. She had an exhibition at the Durham Light Infantry Museum galleries 11th-29th April 2007. Also in 2007 she exhibited with Zoë Secrett at her Secrett Garden Art Gallery at the Kirkharle Crafts Centre, Northumberland. In September 2008 saw her combination of digital and drawing images at Wallington’s Clock Tower Restaurant. She has exhibited with BSSK mind body and spirit fair in October 2010 at Newcastle upon Tyne, and other MBS venues, at Darlington, Middlesbrough and Saltburn, and given talks about her art in 2010 and 2011. Other MBS fairs have been Spirit Wings and Beautiful Things in Carlisle 2016, and another MBS fair at Kendal in 2017.

Purple Spirit Press

The self-publishing purple spirit press was set up by my mother and I in 2009, so that we could publish our books, originally as A5 fold over booklets which we sold to people we knew or at mind body spirit fairs, since then they have been put onto Amazon, and now my website!


A joyous song
That links the all-time heart
Of universal joy
Into the human heart,
Wherein the God and Goddess dwell.
Yet the final anchoring in
Needs to be met,
So that there is a universal link,
Leaving nothing behind.
Only that which is outdated,
Like an outworn garment,
Is weeded out,
Leaving room for growth,
A motion for deeper peace.

The All-time Heart

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