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I wish to introduce myself to you, I am an artist and writer who wanted to portray the images I see in spirit via meditation and waking life, as I hope they may be inspiring to others.

My life through the last two or three decades has been one of inner journeying, and although I felt more connected to the spiritual realms or upper world earlier in my life, I began to delve into the lower world, as shamanically expressed, as time progressed. I found a lot of wisdom there, and it has sustained me over the latter two decades, and being familiar with all realms makes you more balanced.

There are images from both the upper worlds, like the planets, and the lower worlds, like the sacred sites, but at the same time, they both intermingle somewhat, having said that!

I have included some of my poetry on the pages to show more of me within this site.

Chakra Ki Cards Video

A video of my Atlantean Chakra Ki Cards is available to view on the Oracle Cards page

Description of my Art Work

My work is generally based on meditations and dreams, and is my personal method of exploration into the nature of other realms through sensing and portraying the visual forms and qualities of energies in various places and states of being.

My themes are based on nature in its various aspects, such as the planets in our solar system, sacred sites and stone circles, cloudscapes, inspiring mountains, trees and water, crystals and the elemental kingdom.

My interest and concern is that the paintings are of a healing and inspiring nature, for I have always been just as interested in healing as I have in art. I like to think that I am focusing through the paintings as an offering of service and pleasure to others.

May the May blossom in your soul,
May the acorn take root,
May the ash keys open many a door.

Thorn, Oak & Ash

Description of my Books

Once the art work became established in its depictive style, I began to receive inspiration to start writing books, based on the images I was doing. The first book was Sacred Sites & Places of Power Book 1, after a trip to America where I visited various canyons and buttes in Sedona and the Grand Canyon amongst other places.

There are 40 images in it, and it is a meditative handbook covering many sites in the UK as well as the US. Once that book was finished, I began to do more images from my home base at the time, Northumberland, and the book called Sacred Sites & Places of Power Book 2, Amaleina’s Journey was born. It is written as a storyline of an apprentice to a wise woman who travels the length of Northumberland.

Other books are the Atlantean Trilogy, inspired by my wishing to intuit the nature of Atlantis, so it would ‘live’ for me, since, there is no recorded history of the place at a personal level. However, this is an adventuresome story, involving time travel back and forth between present day life in the 21st century and the Atlantean time periods from the Golden Age to other Ages.

There are also books on my art work, and thoughts of spiritual art in the book Validity of Spiritual Art, also a book of my poetry in Poetry from the Heart, and The Planets Book, a description of meditative thoughts from each of the planets, including Chiron and Vulcan.

The latest is an oracle images book, Long Meg and Her Daughters – A Visionary Journey, available as a pdf.

The beautiful light of creation,
The star-lined dappled lights of May,
Erecting domes of light in every flower
Silver streaks of energy course throughout the day.

Prismatic patterns fill the air,
Leaves of sorrel in silver and sea-green
Float and form amid a sparkling lair,
The seeds of life unfold as from a dream.

That which is embalmed in pearly light
Is channelled, and gently placed in earth,
The calming green permeates the unformed,
Giving life and motion to ease the toil of growth.

The Beautiful Light Of Creation

(May 1985)

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